Section 8, The Enabler

BEFORE I BEGIN-I am aware someone may get offended, or think I am judgmental, or this, or that, welp…this is my party and I’ll cry if I want to. I am at a stage in my life where I am looking to move, looking for a place to rent. I don’t have the credit score or savings to buy. I’m not look for advice on either of those things FYI-I just come here to vent. NOW…I have lived, rented, utilizing housing assistance. I DO NOT HAVE ISSUE WITH PEOPLE WHO NEED IT-NEED IT-RECEIVING HOUSING ASSISTANCE-or any assistance they need for that matter. I’ve had housing assistance, welfare, WIC, food stamps, state insurance, utility payment program…ALL THAT. I don’t think I am better than anyone else. (Well, with a few exceptions)…Been there, done that, moved on. AHA!!!! That’s it right there. I. MOVED. ON. Okay, I think I’ve given enough disclaimers-I’m gonna just get right into it. So like I said I have been looking at apartments. Like it happened when I moved where I am at now, I hard a REALLY hard time. I was noticing that for what I needed for size, the rent being asked was RIDICULOUS-especially for the area I’m in. Which is not a great area. Want something better? Way more money. Also, I’m looking around and calling landlords inquiring as to rent amount, and you know what a lot of them are asking? “Are you Section 8?” I mean, of course they’re going to ask that. But it’s HOW they ask. It’s a pretty much 50/50 split of “I don’t really want Section 8 because the inspections and rules are a lot to handle.” Or…”I really only rent to Section 8 because it’s guaranteed rent.” SO-the first landlord who doesn’t want Section 8 tenants seems like it’ll work, BUT then you look at the rent amount they’re asking for and it’s HIGH AF. WHY???? YA KNOW WHY???? Because landlords are asking for the max rent amount SECTION 8 WILL PAY for a unit that size, even though they won’t rent to a Section 8 tenant, simply because THEY CAN. And so many landlords have done this for a while now, SO there you have it, new, extra high, market rent prices. THANKS A LOT SECTION 8. Now me, the hardworking mother WITHOUT Section 8 cant afford anything better than a slumlord. Now both the first landlord and second landlord, technically speaking cannot refuse or choose like that, I’m certain it’s some housing law stuff-but that’s not my point. None of them are going to put their preferences in writing so they can get told on. This shit is why hardworking families can’t ever get ahead, can’t afford to live. While Section 8 recipients (not all, but mannyyyy) are living it up. How?? I will tell you. They get Section 8. They retain Section 8 by not getting a job, or by getting a minimally paying job. They keep having kids so they stay eligible. They have no motivation to do better in life, be it via education or a career, either/or.  I HAVE HEARD PEOPLE SAY “I can’t work that many hours or I can’t apply for that job, because I WILL LOSE MY SECTION 8.” Seriously Society? We live in an age where it is preferable to do the bare minimum, or nothing, because “we’ll be taken care of.” Why isn’t there a cap? An end date? SOMETHING?!?!?! Like I said I’ve gotten ALL that help in the past-but I was one of those rare people that wanted better for myself and children and saw assistance as a stepping stone and not a place to unpack and stay. I went to school, attained degrees, got jobs, eventually made a career…paid my student loans, and my quality of life has gotten…ehhh….better, but slowly. I know people that have had Section 8 for 15 years or more and have NEVER worked or even tried to. They get to have long term boyfriends (never husbands tho, they’s lose their Section 8) that they keep having kids with so they can get MORE benefits, and also get to be stay-at-home moms without the financial loss because THEY’RE ALL SET! They get all the assistance they need! While the “man” of the family brings home full time pay that they can live it up with since he’s not named on the Section 8 voucher-allowing them $50 rent for a single family home with a fenced in yard. YOU DO NOT DESERVE ALL THAT, I DO!!!!! I BUST MY ASS TO JUST PAY RENT!!!! WE WANNA DO FUN THINGS TOO!!!! What I cannot for the life of me understand, is why the welfare program has a time limit… you want unemployment? You need to do job searches and have a case worker. Section 8 tho??? HEYYYYYYY you can have that shit FOREVER as long as you continue to qualify!!!! Yeah, that’s gonna have to change. Make people do job searches, make them demonstrate how they are trying to do MORE, do BETTER. Mandate a structured program to ensure people aren’t abusing the voucher-there has GOT to be some accountability. I guarantee that if some sort of changes were implemented to get people off of Section 8 “IF THEY ARE CAPABLE OF WORK AND NOT DISABLED OR ALL THAT”-a lot would change for the better. More people working=less spent on welfare. More people working=less food stamps paid. More people working=less crime???? More people working=better values??? More people working=decline in substance abuse??? THE LIST GOES ON, DO YOU SEE WHERE I AM GOING???? So…no I am not done venting but I need to make dinner. Someone should put this into action though. Sincerely, a full time job having, plus part time job having, mother of 3 that’s tired of living close to vagrancy while lazy MFs live it TF up.


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